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Using more than 25 years of collective experience, our green rug repair experts are among the most talented within the Los Angeles area. From minor area rug repairs to antique rug revival, we provide incredibly affordable costs for longitudinal top quality repairs.

Let our company carry out the professional cleaning for you!

Your rug can be a valuable portray inside your area and hence needs to be taken care of as one. Your spilled wine or coffee on it, your pet urinated on your rug or possibly you had to take care of flooding. There are plenty of factors why your precious rug can include stains and dirt you cannot get out oneself. We are prepared to help you. We ensure to improve the life of the rug and provide the protection it is worthy of! Our employees utilize ground breaking technology operations to be able to deeply clean and revive the colors of your rug.

Right here is sampling of some of the rug or carpet spots that we stumble upon every day.

1. Pet pee, faeces and vomit can result in spots.

2. Staining brought on by home furniture is usually repaired. A lot of occasions a spilled drink will certainly drain down a furniture leg and trigger a spot.

3. A lot of foods lead to marks ketchup, wine, green vegetables, mustard, baking oil and so forth.

4.Lots of conditions can trigger long lasting dark marks garden soil, grease, food, pet, etc.

5.Blue marks are brought on by a number of various things around the house.

6. Decay is ordinarily triggered when metal which is coming in contact the carpet is subjected to liquid.


Rug Repair & Restoration – Numerous Years of Experience!

We do reweaving destroyed ends, reviving lost corners, dealing with holes utilizing coordinating wool and correcting the destroyed designs and styles, joining, fringes, reweaving fiberless marks.

Accidents take place. Don’t trouble yourself if your animal chews a component of your Persian, Oriental or antique rugs, commonly in the side parts. Our high quality carpet repair staff fix it as if never taken place.

Rug Repair

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